Team Member Spotlight – The Bee Collaborative

At Complete Home Services, we are so lucky to have a team filled with incredible people who are hardworking, passionate, and kind. So we are thrilled to be shining a light on an important cause founded by one of them. Everyone, meet Tara! CHS team member and Bee Collaborative Founder. Learn a little more about her initiative below.

What is the Bee Collaborative?

Bee Collaborative is a small, artisanal honey company seeking to promote pollinator habit preservation through community supported hive sponsors. More so, it’s a labour of love that was established with two starter hives in June 2017 and has slowly grown now to about 10-15 hives. Firmly battling midlife questions about personal purpose and meaning, I walked away from my job in Addictions and Mental Health Housing with over a decade of experience initiating and operating supportive housing facilities in Vancouver and then Yellowknife. I moved back home to Ontario in 2016 very much burned out and in need of personal restoration and reorientation.

I made the decision to return to school to pursue a long held dream of becoming a beekeeper. In a kind of “all in” moment I decided to pursue my passions, throwing caution and all common sense into the wind!

Bee Collaborative is founded on the principle belief that we are all connected to something bigger than ourselves. Honeybees provide a fascinating social model of collaboration that demonstrates what I believe is a winning strategy for humans to have a more harmonious relationship with our planet…learning how to co-create, re-create and ultimately learn to collaborate by doing the least harm to each  other and the environment we live, work and play in. 

What are your hopes and future plans for the Bee Collaborative?

I graduated from the one year program at Niagara college with honors in 2019 and ever since have been dreaming up ideas of how to grow my small Beekeeping initiative into something that has positive impact in our community and will benefit my local environment which I have loved ever since moving to Muskoka when I was ten years old. I care deeply about how it is changing so rapidly and there are many unique wetlands and precious habitat areas desperately in need of environmental protection and increased public awareness.

Tell us a little bit about your sponsorship with Complete Home Services and how others can get involved?

Complete Home Services has pledged to be a corporate annual sponsor of the Bee Collaborative which allows me to purchase equipment, livestock and help cover all the necessary costs of operating a small scalar farm business. There are further opportunities for reclaimed job site waste to become apiary equipment or even some hives that will be a collaborative effort to reduce environmental waste.

Bee Collaborative is currently in it early building stages and looking to build financial support through the development of a Pollinator Protection fund through monthly, quarterly or annual subscription that will be used to provide the capital investment to establish and maintain safe habitat for local pollinators at risk from threats on multiple fronts.

Interested in learning more about the Bee Collaborative and how you can help support Tara’s efforts? Check out her Instagram page @beardlessbeekeeper.